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Today I am sharing a story of my personal journey that shaped me to be the person I am today. And my intention in sharing this is to inspire you and tell you that no matter where you're coming from, no matter what cards life has dealt you, and no matter what your current circumstances are, you can create your love life by design.

Why You Have to Check Out Today's Podcast: 

1. How I overcame my own doubts and fears and started creating my own reality from the inside out.
2. Discover the key to unlock the secrets to attracting your perfect match.
3. Know the best proven scientific system that shows you exactly how to recognize, attract and build a relationship with your ideal partner.

Topics Covered:

01:25 My Journey
04:40 My realizations about overcoming fears
10:47 What motivates me to empower people
19:24 The missing key to attracting your perfect match
21:59 My Intentions for sharing this podcast


“Choose you, choose to love yourself exactly as you are right now, instead of waiting for someone else to come along and love you someday. As I tell all of my students, stop waiting and start creating. This is your life, the only one you have, and the time to love yourself is now. There’s never been a better time to love yourself. And you teach the world how to love you by how you love yourself. So love yourself as if your life depends on it.” — Polina Solda

Today's episode is an introduction to Eniostyle—a breakthrough approach to finding your ideal partner and creating your dream relationship without having to change yourself or relying on luck. Discover how you can find your perfect match without having to change yourself. 

Why You Have to Check Out Today's Podcast:

1. Discover how you can become yourself and welcome yourself home.
2. Learn what Eniostyle is and how it can change your love life.
3. Learn how you can start creating your dream love life through Eniostyle.

Topics Covered:

02:30 Discovering Eniostyle.
05:30 The benefits of using Eniostyle.
07:45 Eniostyle vs. traditional psychology.
08:18 What Eniostyle is and how it works.
11:21 What a Dual Partner is and how Eniostyle determines your type and your duo partner’s type.
11:58 Determining other people’s type.
12:48 The basics of Eniostyle.
14:09 How Eniostyle will affect you.


“You can be who you were born to be. You can live with whomever you are meant to live with. You can work where you fully express your creative potential given to you at birth. And only then, when you create an energy-informational relationship with yourself, society, money and nature, you’ll achieve health, harmony and success.” — Anatoly and Galina Panchenko, Creators of Eniostyle

“You’re going to connect to yourself on a much deeper level, understanding exactly who you are, what you are made of, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and finally stop trying to change, fix or improve yourself, fully accepting and loving yourself.” — Polina Solda


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