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This is the story of how a struggling-in-love woman attracted her soulmate & for the last 10 years, has been helping thousands of women recognize, attract & create a loving & lasting relationship with their perfect match too.

About Me & My Love Story

I haven’t just been mentoring, coaching & inspiring women to attract their perfect match & create their dream love life for the past 10 years—I’ve been doing it myself for even longer (basically, testing everything I teach in my own life to ensure that what I give you works).

I’ve come a LONG way—from being abandoned by my father at birth to getting divorced to attracting, getting married to & creating a family with my soulmate to helping thousands of women turn their desire for love into their reality. With my flagship program, Love by Design™️, this & MORE has become possible for women of all ages, from all walks of life (never married, divorced & widowed) & from all over the world.

In fall of 2008, when I moved to New York City after a divorce, I started dating again.  As I was online dating, attending events & going on dates every week, I felt increasingly more frustrated, disappointed & exhausted with nothing to show for all of my efforts to find love. I stayed stuck for months wondering what I was doing wrong. 

On Christmas Eve in 2008, I finally had my breaking point, crying alone in my shoebox-size bedroom after a guy I was seeing ghosted me. That was when I had a breakthrough. 

I realized that I was focusing on the wrong things. I kept going after the same type of men, who weren’t attracted to & weren’t pursuing me. I kept trying to be someone I wasn’t. I kept trying to use the same dating advice that simply didn’t work for me. 

And, if you’ve been dating for any length of time, chances are you can relate to how I felt when I was spending countless hours online dating, texting & going on dates yet feeling completely lonely, frustrated & burned out. 

Does that sound familiar? Has that ever happened to you? 

A mistake I didn’t even realize I was making was using general dating strategies that assume all men are the same and, therefore, the same strategy works for any man. But it’s simply not true.

At that moment, I made a shift that changed everything for me—and it’s a shift that you too can make in an instant. 

I started challenging everything I’d previously learned about love.

It wasn’t long after I asked myself these questions that I attracted Paul, my perfect match.

We met in May 2009, & he proposed to me in December-just six months later. 

On Christmas Eve in 2009, we were in love, engaged & celebrating with his wonderful family. We looked forward to a romantic New Year's Eve in Paradise Island in the Bahamas. 

Within a few short months, I quit my job at the United Nations & started my own coaching business, built around my passion for helping other women to find their perfect match, while having total freedom to do what I love. 

We’ve been sharing our passion for fun things like snowboarding & skiing in winter, boating in summer, & traveling around the world all year round ever since.

My life has turned into a fairy tale I could only dream of. 

And, despite how many times I’ve heard other women say that there are no quality men out there, men don’t want to commit, & it’s impossible it is to find love in the big city, I knew that finding love was inevitable for me--with the right mindset, strategies & tools. Even though I was divorced, had no family or close friends in New York & was really busy with full-time graduate school at NYU & part-time internship at the United Nations, I still made my love dreams a reality. 

But that was 11 years ago. In the last decade, I’ve been doing for thousands of women what I did for myself because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes & struggle as I did. 

Because, there’s a new, different & MUCH better way.  

As a Love Mentor with 10 years of experience, I noticed a big, glaring gap between the actual dating scene & the relationship advice industry.

One of the biggest lies women buy into the dating industry today is that general approaches & strategies work with all men. This lie is based on the false assumption that all men are the same & will respond in the same way. 

Advice like “3 Steps to make any guy want you,” “5 secret texts to get any man to fall in love with you” & “7 keys to get any man commit to you” clutters the Internet yet thousands of women stay single & struggle in dating.

So, if you’ve tried to use this type of advice in the past & it didn’t work, it’s NOT your fault.

The truth is men are different. Men are looking for different things in women. Therefore, different strategies work with different men. 

How else can you explain the fact that when you use the same general strategy with different men, you get completely different results?!

In 10 years of doing this work & observing the industry, I’ve realized that most women are missing this ONE key that is going to unlock the secret to attracting your perfect match.

This missing key is Eniostyle.

Eniostyle is the unique, most advanced & effective system of self-discovery, the attraction of your perfect match who is perfectly compatible with you & creating your dream relationship--the most effortless, stable & lasting relationship you can imagine!

It’s the best proven scientific system that shows you exactly how to recognize, attract & build a relationship with your ideal partner without using misleading, ineffective & short-lived manipulative tactics. 

And, it’s the only personality type-based system in the world that helps you determine who your perfect match is with mathematical accuracy, without complicated analyses, tests & calculations. 

I invite YOU to discover Eniostyle & test for yourself how you can connect to your REAL self & your soulmate so that you can create & live your dream love life by design. YOUR DESIGN!

So, if you’re really serious about meeting your soulmate, you have to make one of two choices right now: you can either keep doing what you’ve been doing & you can keep using old general strategies with little to show for it or you can join my free training & finally discover the complete blueprint to attracting your perfect match with Eniostyle. 

As you take the inspired action & join my free training about Eniostyle, you’ll begin to realize that your search for love doesn’t have to be overwhelming, confusing & time-consuming because you’ll learn how to approach it in a totally new, different & powerful way that will get you the results you want in love & beyond.

We're on a mission to help 1,000,000 single women create dual relationships in the next 10 years!

See How Polina Has Helped Her Students:


“By working with Polina It helped me to BUILD my self-worth & to see the value in me as a person! Mentally I was healing & was provided with the tools to do so! 

About 7 months later I met this amazing man & I was emotionally ready for him & this relationship! I believe in order to meet & be with someone YOU as a person HAVE to be emotionally ready for it! I'm grateful for Polina & giving myself this gift of having a life coach & actively working everyday to be better which trickles down to everything & everyone in my life!




“When I came to Polina for coaching, I didn't believe I could find love at my age. Polina asked me what my goal for my love life was & I said, to meet my soulmate someday. She laughed & said I would meet him within a year. She was wrong. At the 6th month mark a man I met online proposed to me. I became a first-time bride at the age of 58 & we got married in a church. All I can say is WOW.



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